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The Joik

It’s often observed that peoples who live in the higher latitudes end up with a distinct sound to their music that can only be understood by hearing it.  The Sami people, who live in the north of Scandinavia, are no exception.  Their traditional joik (yoik) evokes a natural spirituality and is designed around the progress of the weather and the seasons.  Occasionally suppressed as a “pagan” custom, it has returned and its popularity spread southwards.

Yana Mangi talking with Ray Mears about joik and singing:


Yana again- “Enjoik”, which I assume is Sami for “warm music for cold weather”:


“Sun,” by Solveig Andersson:


Karoliina Kantelinen sings a Karelian joik.  I say sings…  Well, to quote a Finnish girl, “Of course it’s sophisticated, it’s Finnish!”:


Something a little more modernised by Sofia Jannok